Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update on Life and a vintage patio set!

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been gone for forever! This past year has just been...well... packed isn't a strong enough word! In addition to surviving being an architecture student, I've just had a ton of other stuff going on as well.. This summer I helped a friend do a couple art shows and also volunteered to help an architecture firm do an exterior conditions report on a really cool house I have to post about some time... I also found the house that I'm going to be renting after school! I have to do a post coming up- I'm so excited! Its a little 1860's former parsonage in a village in Upstate NY. It needs a ton of work, but has a lot of potential! I'll be renting from my best friend up there, who lives in the old gothic church next door!
And then this semester is going on.. This is my first break, after our big first-half-of-the-semester project. To give you an idea of what studio is like during the final days of a project (the charette), I was working literally nonstop for a week, all day and night at the architecture building, and the last 3 days I slept 2 hours. Not a very pleasant experience! Besides the fact that I don't remember what i said during my presentation, I actually had a very good review, so I was happy. Here's a picture of me from last semester with my charette hat on, and a model from a previous project..

But anyways, during the charette I actually picked up some vintage yum-yums on the way to get art supplies! I was on the highway when my vinta-vision kicked in and spotted this adorable vintage dinette set at a yard sale! ( seen from the highway through trees in a neighborhood behind some bushes!). I instantly found my way to the yard sale and snatched them up for a tidy $35! I was thrilled as I was looking for a set just like this actually! And $35 is my kind of price! I'm thinking of painting the little armrest wiggles a color, or maybe even striped!


  1. You have been gone forever! Welcome back. I look forward to seeing what you do with that patio set. Can't wait to see the new 1860's place.

  2. My sympathies - I have a friend doing architecture and she barely sleeps; it really is a punishing course. The patio set is a score!