Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shasta Trip: Part 2

The next part of the trip isn't quite so related to the trailer (though the trip with end with more trailer drama!). But it was wonderful. Totally made up for the whole losing-a-truck-thing. Once me and my friends were finally back at their house in Troy, we prepared for a visit to an awesome friend, artist, and vintage-addict, Simon in Canada!

We got out our passports and headed on our way. Upon meeting Simon, we barely had time to hug before we were ooing and ahhing over new vintage finds! I wish I had taken more pictures... he got this gorgeous deco endtable that I was lusting over the whole trip... It was super funny in that it was very odd and asymmetrical. One side popped up another level, but not in the way you'd expect. There was also a phenomenal new table and chair set that we kept hearing about till finally seeing it at the end of the trip! Simon had found a gorgeous 50's table, and bought 4 different 50's metal kitchen chairs, one a rocker with bizarre hilarious arms! They're all a bit ripped and whatnot, so he's planning on reupholstering them in gorgeous sparkly vinyl (the same vinyl he makes for his phenomenal handbags so it's gonna turn out awesome!!). I don't believe Simon has a website yet, but a link to his work (Anemone) can be found here.

However, there was something very special waiting in store for us. Simon had invited us to go vintage hunting in the collection of a friend. But this wasn't just a couple chairs and a lamp. Oh no. This was a vintage addict who had been saving vintage things on the side of the road for over 20 years. He had 3 HUGE spaces in basically warehouses STUFFED (and I mean stuffed, stacked, etc.) with vintage goodness. He is not a hoarder, simply because all the stuff is freakin' GOOD! We walked in and our mouths just dropped. I think I had a vintage overdose... My vinta-vision normally has to hunt around for good finds, but here it was crazy. My eye was frantically darting back and forth from find to find, my breath got quick, my vintage hunt instincts kicked in, and we were off. God only knows what I looked like. A couple things set aside soon became a huge pile of amazingness. I can't thank Simon enough for introducing us to his wonderful friend, and I must of course thank his wonderful friend for even letting us in to see and buy things! Everything was for sale, and Simon's friend knew everything about all of it. There were 2 gorgeous hairpin legged, all black iron end tables I still think of... By the end, I had simply run out of money! I still ponder what the chances are of going back, but a 12 hour trip to Canada isn't exactly short. Anyways, to get to what you all really want, here are some pictures!

First up is my beloved Bunny Lamp... Simon pulled me aside and showed me the lamp. As soon as he saw the lamp he knew I would LOVE it (I have a bunny thing). And LOVE isn't enough to express how much I love this lamp! It's so 100% me! I love the color, the shape, the little 50's bunny creatures with carrots or footprints above! It's just so ME! (I matched it with a shade I had for now).

Might not seem like a big deal, but I'm always getting lamps without shades! So these 4 fiberglass shades were a great deal...for free!

Love this little lamp with the swoop-di-doo's on top... I think something hung from them once...a good opportunity for some kitschy fun! Any ideas?

A huge 60's table lamp I spotted in a corner... any ideas for a shade?

Note: It's a bit late, and I just realized all the rest of my finds are packed away in the garage. I just moved all the furniture from place I was renting (moving out), so right now it's a mess of vintage stuff in there. For now, besides those lamps, here are a few snippets of what I could see in the garage...I'll try to get better pictures of everything up asap...hopefully this will give a taste... ;)

Also, Part 3 to come! The conclusion...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shasta Trip: Part 1

Where to begin? It all started innocently enough. I had a lead for a 1961 Shasta Airflyte that I had been following for about 6 months. Every now and then, I'd call up the guy, who'd once again tell me "No, it's not for sale" or "No, I'll need more than that!". Finally, after about a 3 month gap, I call him up, and finally he says "If you come up with $500 and get it out of my yard this weekend, you can have her!"

Victory!!! And I actually had the money! I was already planning on visiting some friends in Upstate NY near Albany, so I figured I'd just swing by and pick up the trailer on my way up (it was in western NY). If only things went that simply...

Upon picking the trailer up, I discovered that it was not nearly as "mint"as it was described, and needed work, but for the price I was more than happy to take on a project! We wrote up a bill of sale (take this to mean *cough* the trailer didn't have a title meaning I may not exactly have *cough* registered the trailer at that point). If any cops are reading this...that was a joke...right... Anyways, after paying and hooking the trailer up, the guy decides to tell me that the lights don't work after all (he had told me they worked before). Not the biggest deal, but it was already 5pm and I needed trailer lights! So I fired up the already-low-on-battery GPS and headed over to the nearest autozone. Cutting a looong story short, the trailer lights I bought at Autozone (that wire up to the truck) didn't work, so after 3 hours of cursing and fumbling, I resorted to the next logical step:

Flashlights! Or more specifically, three $2.99 flashlights duct-taped to the bumper with taillight lenses placed over them and the leftover acting as a "license plate light" (which may or may not have been my truck's rear plates)... So I was good as long as the batteries lasted!
I knew the trailer also needed tires, but in my mind if I just took things slow and careful I would make it the 3 hours to my friends in Troy, NY. Well, all this worrying may have been misplaced.

After an hour into my precarious trip (now around midnight), my truck suddenly got louder, and then didn't. I was driving up one of those looooong inclines, and just rolled over to the side with whatever momentum I had left. After hitting my head on the steering wheel numerous times, I turned the key and hoped.

RIP Old Girl...

"REH." That was it. No "reh-reh-reh-reuuuuumble" or even "reh-reh-reh". Nope. Just one REH of death. Going to call my friend, I couldn't help but laugh as my phone read "low battery" and then said in the most polite of robotic voices, "Goodbye." My laptop? Also dead. GPS? Dead. I couldn't believe it. How could all forms of technology fail me at the same time??!!

So I decided I would try to walk to a gas station. And when I was about a half mile away from my truck, it started pouring! Yep. It was one of those days. I ended up sleeping an awful night in the truck, waking up every time a tractor trailer flew by and shook the whole rig from side-to-side. I really didn't think things could get any worse. And then I woke up.


Or more specifically, got awoken. By a knock on the window. By a cop. And lemme tell ya, he was NOT happy. Soooomehow, I got out of any sort of ticket for the whole may-not-have-trailer-plates-thing (I think he felt bad for me to be honest), and I got a ride (albeit an awkward and slightly terrified one) to a local gas station.

Here is where I must thank my amaaazing friends Rod and Wendy, who drove all the way from Troy, took time off work, and came to rescue me! I don't know what I would have done without them. With their assistance, we got the trailer to the local gas station (who also amazingly said I could keep it in the back for as many days as I needed). I got AAA to tow the truck back to Troy for free (would have been a $700 tow fee), where I discovered the truck was toast. She apparently had a bad oil leak I wasn't aware of (yes I'm smacking myself in the head), and even though I had just had an oil change 2 weeks ago, she managed to leak it all out and seize the engine :(. To top it off (in an ironic use of the phrase), none of the gauges in the truck worked so I had no clue... I'll miss that truck... I only had her for 3-4 months, but we sure hauled a lot of vintage stuff together!

The trailer, meanwhile, was parked behind the gas station in Sanitaria Springs. And I have to say, when I finally got to look at it, it's so cute! It's all original inside, minus the fridge which someone replaced with a nasty 70's one (which I will be replacing with a 50's one ha!). The aqua formica countertops are all in very good shape, and even the original dinette is intact! The fabric may be falling apart and gross in its current state, but it's there! The light fixtures are adorable, and I have so many plans for her! She needs some water damage repair (as every vintage canned ham trailer of this time does), but she's actually pretty solid beneath the grime and dust. Her story is that she was simply left at a campground 30 years ago, at the top of a mountain! Poor old girl.... Like the little kid at Disney World who got left behind....permanently!

Part 2 to follow...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still here and alive! Somehow...

Sorry it's been so long... it's been an absolutely crazy/awesome/not-so-awesome/stressful past week or so...

I'm finally getting back to my normal groove though... All I can say is I may not have posted for a while, but BOY do I have a LOT of stories to tell! I don't even know where to start....the trip to get the Shasta, the truck siezing, the Canada junk-heaven, the toothless hoarder, or "Princess #2". For everything I lost financially this past week or so (it's been a bit of an ouch between losing a truck and paying for a $400 Uhaul rental to get me back home with the trailer), I did gain a lot of amazing and bizarre experiences that I'm sure you will love to hear! I don't have time tonight, but I'll start with my crazy adventure some time tomorrow.. And what better place to start with than the beginning, right?

Oh, the places and adventures junk takes you on ...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage Trailer Lust (continued...)

Alright, so while the last one didn't pan out, I have a couple more leads up my sleeve... The first is this awesome vintage Shasta Airflyte!

The picture is a not-so-good cell pic, so it really doesn't do it justice. It's all original with allegedly no water damage or staining under the windows (hard to believe to be honest, I'll have to see it in person), and is just plain awesome! I love the canned ham shape, the 2 tone aqua, the Z stripe, and wings!! I think I can get her for about $700. We'll see.

The next one is a cute 1969 Canned Ham! Needs work, but the best thing about this one is they're only asking $175!!! Which is amazing... I would hop on this quicker than a trampoline but I'm crazy busy today and I don't think I'll have time to drive up until tomorrow ish...mayyybe. Which might just be too long a wait with a price like that (the lady had gotten over 30 calls).

This next one isn't in the same league as 50's cuteness, or even a trailer, but try to follow me here! Appreciate her 1969-ness! She's kind of awkward, like her forehead's a little too big and her face a little too low and angled funny, and she just has this funny little so-bad-its-good thing going on, at least to me! I would paint her (get rid of the white on the sides) and go crazy with the interior. It's mostly gutted, which is actually a good thing for me! It even has this funny little enclosed balcony thing on the back that looks just like a caboose (even has an arched roof!). This would not be instead of a trailer, it would be in addition too (I know, I know..). I think I can get her for really cheap, and she's mechanically good, so we'll see...

And just for fun... a vintage trailer I sold a couple months ago! She looks adorable I know, but she had a LOT of problems and would have been too much for me to fix. Most notably her booty got pushed in when I tree fell on it :(. You can't see it here, cause it actually got chopped off the back, leaving an uuugly grey primered dented metal covering where it was... Still, I'll miss her!

And to answer the question I'm sure you've all been thinking, I have a storage place that can fit a 30 ft. RV plus small trailer for $30 a month! (Which is pretty darn good)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vintage Trailer Lust

Oooh look at this awesome vintage trailer! I found it for sale about 4 hours from me...not sure of the make... But the color KILLS me...aqua and PINK! It's so freakin' adorable. I would keep the paint original and just give her a good scrubbin'! I wonder what shape the inside's in...

I'm really tempted here... The asking price is a bit over my budget ($900)...but maybe they'd take $500-ish? I'm so tempted here! What do you guys think?

Friday, April 9, 2010

And the winner is...



I didn't have a hat handy, so I wrote down all your names, crumpled them up, and picked one! Congratulations BakeliteBebe! I'm not 100% sure how the messaging system here works, but if you can email me at nick7764@hotmail.com with your name and address, I'll get 'em shipped off asap!

And for those of you that didn't win, check back! This was a lot of fun, so I wanna do this way more often! Maybe next time I can have 3 vintage objects, and pick 3 people, so the first winner gets first choice and so on...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why do I get the crazies? (ebay)

(language warning)

I think I somehow attract the crazies on ebay...I don't know how or why, but they seem to just flock to me.

For example... I was trying to not really mention this here, since it pains me so, but I'm actually selling the 1958 Rambler I got a month ago (I know, I know). While I was careful to not put any rust pictures up here, I believe I mentioned it had rust issues. Well, it turns out there was more rust than I had originally thought (or been told), and I just didn't have the time or money to deal with a car that had bad frame rail rust in addition to rusted rocker panels and fenders. I knew I probably wouldn't get what I payed (or I might, it was pretty cheap), but either way it was time to sell it... So yesterday I listed it on ebay, with a description I thought was pretty good. I said that it had bad frame rail rust, and would get higher quality pictures, along with rust pictures, up asap. Here's the link. Tell me what you think. Anyways, I then get this lovely message from an ebayer:



I was so shocked upon opening the message. Do people think it's alright to send messages like this to complete strangers?? I was so hurt! I understand if he had concerns, but to say it like that? I put an addendum in the listing, voicing his concerns (albeit in a more polite tone).

I'm not crazy- this guy is way outa line, right?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My First Vintage Giveaway!

I've seen these a couple times, and decided it's finally time I hold one of my own! I mean, what's more fun than free vintage stuff?!

So comment if you want your name put in the hat, and Friday, April 9th at 5pm, I will draw a name and announce the winner! I'm not sure how these things usually go, but either way it's completely free, no shipping or anything. Just free vintage goodness!

In my first giveaway lot, we have an awesome set of vintage PINK melmac! I mean how can you not love it? The name on the bottom reads "Brookpark Modern Design". It's in very good condition, and consists of 4 small plates, a sugar bowl with lid, a creamer (?) and other small bowl. Next is a fully functional vintage "Ice-O-Mat" ice crusher! Complete with wall mounter and attached cup, just think of all the ice you can crush! The hours of fun!

Just remember, if you want to be a potential ice-crushing pink-melmac-using vintage gal or guy, just leave a comment and I'll draw the winner this friday!

Possibly looking for a house...!

If there's one thing I've always dreamed of, it's been my own place! I mean you can have all the great vintage stuff in the world, but what fun is it if you have no place to put it?? Well it looks I may actually be getting a little house! Or at least we're looking into it... I'm saving money on rent by living at home this semester, and instead of renting a storage place (or renting a room for that matter), it's actually cheaper to buy a small house! Yes, I know utilities and taxes are there, but the idea would be to try to find a cheap property in an area with low taxes, and keep the utilities as low as possible. And all this with a budget of around $10,000-ish... Yes, I know that's so very sad, but with this economy there are actually properties out there in this range! Of course I'm looking for a fixer-upper (doesn't need to be liveable), and I also want it to be historic. I want to restore it, doing all the work I can myself. While this blog is mostly for my vintage furniture, I also have a passion for historic architecture. I've always dreamt of rescuing an old victorian from the wrecking ball and restoring her to her former glory! And for those that say "but your furniture isn't victorian", my motto is... "good-is-good!" While most of my furniture and taste in interior design seems to be 30's-60's, I really love and collect vintage furniture from many eras, and love combining them in fun ways! It all comes down to color and scale in my opinion... lots of different things can work together, and having a variety of styles make things so much more interesting and less predictable! In my mind, why just do a "1930's room" when you can do a room that has the best from every era?? Not to insult anyone that has- that's just my personal preference! Plus the streamlined atomic lines and color are such a fun contrast with more victorian or other historic backgrounds...

Anyways, I drove up to visit my amazing friend Wendy in Upstate NY this weekend, and along the way I had to stop at a few properties I've been looking at (most within an hour of Harrisburg, PA)! The brick one is the only I walked through, however.

The first by far needs the most work, and nothing works (needs plumbing, electric, etc), but is detached and has sooo many original details.. the last time someone lived in it was the 60's or 70's, and it's like a time capsule! In the first couple pictures, you can see the outline of where a wrap-around porch used to be, and if you click on the middle picture, you can see some roof damage (on the original slate roof!)... So at least some roof repair is needed towards the middle. However, it seems very solid otherwise. Besides that one part/side of the house where the roof damage is, there's very little water damage. Some windows are broken, which is unfortunate since as water gets in, damage happens! However, I believe they broke recently as water damage around open windows seemed minimal.

All the electric and plumbing was done in the 20's I believe. I LOVE that built-in in the kitchen, along with the 50's Caloric stove you can't see! And those light switches ohhhh! Yes the electric needs to be redone, but I would get reproduction push-button switched and put them in the original aqua/metal enclosures! (which are fantastic). Also note the original built-in by the front door! (which has glass all around- it's boarded up). The place is filthy, and has tons of peeling wallpapers and debris, but has so much potential!

The bathroom is also pretty great, and has some fantastic art deco linoleum! Upon going upstairs, I discovered several rooms filled with mint high victorian furniture as well! In addition to the organ, there were 2 bedroom sets, the original cast iron stove and heater, and numerous chairs and other things!

The second house is just one I happened to come across. It's at the high end of my budget (if not over it), and attached, but also completely original! I love the little courtyard and balcony (which the floor has rotted out of), and the detail of the front door is likewise great... It's so hard to capture the details of this place! It needs paint and a lot of work in general, but it's liveable...still, it may be over my very very sad budget :(.

The last house is ironically one of the cheapest, since it's arguably in the best condition. It needs work, but has a new roof and is liveable. It is on a steep hillside which is fun, but the neighbors didn't seem thaaat great. The original wood siding was covered with vinyl siding, but they thankfully went around the details and trim work. Of course that would have to come off though (vinyl siding is very very bad for historic homes- it doesn't allow them to breathe and causes mildew and rot to the original siding). I would also have to rebuilt what would have been on the front porch. The deal-breaker though was that all the windows had been replaced....you can't beat original windows in my mind- it just takes away so much from the character of an old house! The windows are cheap aluminum ones too. Unless the original windows are in the attic, I'm not sure if I would go for this one...