Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shasta Trip: Part 2

The next part of the trip isn't quite so related to the trailer (though the trip with end with more trailer drama!). But it was wonderful. Totally made up for the whole losing-a-truck-thing. Once me and my friends were finally back at their house in Troy, we prepared for a visit to an awesome friend, artist, and vintage-addict, Simon in Canada!

We got out our passports and headed on our way. Upon meeting Simon, we barely had time to hug before we were ooing and ahhing over new vintage finds! I wish I had taken more pictures... he got this gorgeous deco endtable that I was lusting over the whole trip... It was super funny in that it was very odd and asymmetrical. One side popped up another level, but not in the way you'd expect. There was also a phenomenal new table and chair set that we kept hearing about till finally seeing it at the end of the trip! Simon had found a gorgeous 50's table, and bought 4 different 50's metal kitchen chairs, one a rocker with bizarre hilarious arms! They're all a bit ripped and whatnot, so he's planning on reupholstering them in gorgeous sparkly vinyl (the same vinyl he makes for his phenomenal handbags so it's gonna turn out awesome!!). I don't believe Simon has a website yet, but a link to his work (Anemone) can be found here.

However, there was something very special waiting in store for us. Simon had invited us to go vintage hunting in the collection of a friend. But this wasn't just a couple chairs and a lamp. Oh no. This was a vintage addict who had been saving vintage things on the side of the road for over 20 years. He had 3 HUGE spaces in basically warehouses STUFFED (and I mean stuffed, stacked, etc.) with vintage goodness. He is not a hoarder, simply because all the stuff is freakin' GOOD! We walked in and our mouths just dropped. I think I had a vintage overdose... My vinta-vision normally has to hunt around for good finds, but here it was crazy. My eye was frantically darting back and forth from find to find, my breath got quick, my vintage hunt instincts kicked in, and we were off. God only knows what I looked like. A couple things set aside soon became a huge pile of amazingness. I can't thank Simon enough for introducing us to his wonderful friend, and I must of course thank his wonderful friend for even letting us in to see and buy things! Everything was for sale, and Simon's friend knew everything about all of it. There were 2 gorgeous hairpin legged, all black iron end tables I still think of... By the end, I had simply run out of money! I still ponder what the chances are of going back, but a 12 hour trip to Canada isn't exactly short. Anyways, to get to what you all really want, here are some pictures!

First up is my beloved Bunny Lamp... Simon pulled me aside and showed me the lamp. As soon as he saw the lamp he knew I would LOVE it (I have a bunny thing). And LOVE isn't enough to express how much I love this lamp! It's so 100% me! I love the color, the shape, the little 50's bunny creatures with carrots or footprints above! It's just so ME! (I matched it with a shade I had for now).

Might not seem like a big deal, but I'm always getting lamps without shades! So these 4 fiberglass shades were a great deal...for free!

Love this little lamp with the swoop-di-doo's on top... I think something hung from them once...a good opportunity for some kitschy fun! Any ideas?

A huge 60's table lamp I spotted in a corner... any ideas for a shade?

Note: It's a bit late, and I just realized all the rest of my finds are packed away in the garage. I just moved all the furniture from place I was renting (moving out), so right now it's a mess of vintage stuff in there. For now, besides those lamps, here are a few snippets of what I could see in the garage...I'll try to get better pictures of everything up asap...hopefully this will give a taste... ;)

Also, Part 3 to come! The conclusion...


  1. Is that green shade a clip on? If so I will buy it for the Kitchen at Casablanca!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful and exciting time! Would love to wander through a place like you've described! You've got some awesome finds there too.