Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some new goodies!

I'm still here!!! Just thought you should know... I haven't been posting regularly for a while, so I gotta apologize for that. It's the end of the semester, and between school and just general craziness the blog had to take a back seat for a while...

BUT I'm now glad to announce you're riding shotgun with me once again! My last final is tomorrow at 8am (It's not like I'm not procrastinating studying or anything like that while writing this...pshhh nooo), and then I'm freeeee!!

And I figured it's time I started to update ya'll on everything! I may have been out it a bit with the blogs and my social life, but that doesn't mean the flow of vintage has slowed down! (I'm too much of an addict for that). I've gotten a ton of stuff since I posted last, so I figured why not show you some of the more recent goodies!...

Aren't these awesome?? Ok I'm technically lying when I say they're all new, cause the green pair was just hidden in storage forever till I found them recently. The grey-ish one I got last week for $10 (ten dollars!). I think I paid $15 for the green pair whenever I got them. The green lamps are just adorable together, and the atomic metal work and shade on the other one is fantastic...

And below is my prized new TV! A late 50's Philco Predicta!!! I've been keeping an eye out for one of these forever.... it's not perfect, and needs to be cleaned up (I don't know if it works), but it's so awesome! I paid- I try not to spend this much usually, but I thought it was a good deal- $45!

And then comes a great Craigslist find for $10...the awesome 50's PINK sink and toilet below! The sink is missing a knob, but for $10 I can't complain.. PLUS I've got a lead on intact vintage 50's pink/grey subway tiles for super cheap to go with it!!

And I just LOVE the girl below! That color...ohhh.... She's in mint condition, and is just gorgeous... I wanted to spend $50 on her, but the lady wouldn't go that low so I splurged and went to $80... but I think my friend Wendy is interested in buying her for her church in NY, so she may be going up there!

As wonderful and amazing as all of that is, getting it without the truck has been interesting... Actually, I only recently had the truck, but for those 3 months I became so spoiled! I could pick up anything, no limitations, no measuring, nothing! I don't have money for a new truck, so I said ahhh fluff it! And I got a hitch put on my Festiva!

And yes, you can indeed put a hitch on a 1988 Ford Festiva!

Just think of the possibilities...think of the vintage stuff I can tow!....Me and a trailer could be a dangerous combination...


  1. Wow, those lamps are awesome! I cannot find any cool lamps around here! Love the pink bathroom set *drool*

  2. NICK, DEAR GOD! that $10 lamp = A-MAZING, I love the turquoise sink as well! That tv is SOOOO cool its a LOT like the one they used in the brodaway musical hairspray (actual show not movie) GAH kid your Crazy good at finding this stuff!

  3. wow~ I LOVE those lamps! I don't think cool lamps ever made it to NY, because I've NEVER seen one like those in my life.

    I love that you now have a truck AND A HITCH; oh the possibilities :)

  4. I know I love the lamps! And Leah, ha! I do have a hitch, but not quite a truck...think more subcompact 80's hatchback hahaha!

  5. love the lamps!!! the sinks are beautiful!

  6. Everything is fab. My dream is a turquoise or pink bathroom. The grey lamp reminds me of the one I broke that Mom had when I was 4 or 5. I was watching Peter Pan with Mary Martin, and thought I could fly! So I jumped off the couch, and well...not good.

  7. That picture is hilarious with the Festiva pulling the big trailer--I'd be shocked to see a Festiva haul anything heavier than a Big Wheel! You do seem to find the most amazing stuff, ya lucky duck.

  8. ZootsuitMama, I know- those vintage colored bathrooms are to die for! My favorites are the more 30's mint green-ish and pink ones, but I love em' all!

    Christine- I know haha! And thats actually my Festiva in the pic haha! You should have seen their faces when I walked in and asked for a hitch to be put on (I had to find one online and provide it since they couldn't find one!). I may not be towing tractor trailers anytime soon, but I have a lightweight utility trailer I can fill up to a max of about 700 lbs with the trailer.. (which is a lot of vintage stuff!). AND the advantage of towing with the Festiva is exxxcellent gas mileage! So I'm purty excited!

  9. Wowee! I have known you for 4years+ and still drop my jaw when I see what you find!!!
    summmer is here--more shopping now!!!!!

    I LLLovee the lamp...and the green sink ahhh!
    but the TV...that is pretty amazing...

    If they only knew what goodies are hiding in my church you found..we have to get a photo of that stuff soon --for dessert--:)