Friday, May 14, 2010

Vintage gods, why must thou tempt me?

Oooh vintage gods why must thou tempt me??? Why must thou dangle afforable vintage amazingness before my eyes when I already have so much? To fully understand my suffering, I will show you what temptations lie before me...(and you too since I'm not gettin' all of this!)


Awesome set of chairs...I could use a full set, and I love the fabric/zigzag thing!

Awesome PINK sofa set! Color's a bit distorted in's NOT hot pink, or worn (it's just dusty in pics)

Awesome 50's mermaid shower doors! (there's a pair!) And I can never get enough of those mint green sinks...

Love this sofa...I don't know's just flamingo-ish to me...I guess the color, and bold so-bad-its-good (at least in my opinion!) fabric!

Awesome 40's diner booth! And I'm not the biggest fan of that sofa's fabric, but I think she's got good bones..(her left side's jusst a bit bigger ha!)

And LOVE both of these below! A 30's deco Rattan sofa set! (sofa and other armchair go with it!). It needs cushions and a bit of love, but I love the ridiculous height of the arms (much higher than otherwise almost identical sets I've seen), not to mention these usually go for insane prices! And I also LOVE that lil wrought iron girl! She has 5 sisters! I love that skinny little waist and exaggerated top..

And finally, I think this is so cute! A little closet-thing-a-ma-jig originally used by a vintage gas company!

And just for the heck of it, lets play a game...

Lets see if you can guess what's the highest and lowest priced... To start off...the highest is asking $300 (would probably take $200), lowest is $25.... What do ya think?


  1. I think the booth is the highest AND I WANT IT!!!

  2. My mouth is hanging down on the floor. Are these actual photos that YOU took? Like, you could buy all these things if you wanted? WHERE IN THE HELL DO YOU LIVE? HEAVEN??????

  3. I want it all!!!

    I think the booth is the highest and...hmmm...the set of chairs is the lowest.

  4. Hahaha it's not quite all around the corner, but a lot of it could be gotten in the same 4ish hour (one way) trip. The cabinet is near a friend of mine in NY and the flamingo-ish sofa is a ways a way south of me. But most everything else is do-able (and these are the seller's pics). Oh, and the booth is actually one of the lowest!!

  5. Couches lowest, chair highest? It's hard to say. All treasures are so beautiful, I'd love the booth and the chair sets!

    I totally have to link to your blog today, lots of thrifty inspiration!

  6. Hole goods are really awesome the booth, couch, chairs every thing is just outrageous. The design etched on the shower doors is really looking cool.