Saturday, May 29, 2010

And the vintage goodness keeps rollin' in...

It's gonna be a busy Sunday, and I'm excited! I don't know what's been goin' on lately, but I'm still rollin' along on my vintage roll!! I've gotten some incredible finds lately (some I still need to show you) and will apparently keep on rolling along tomorrow! (It's usually this way...big rolls and then big dry spells).

So anyways, here's a taste of what I'm picking up tomorrow on my 6 hour (ish) road trip!

Stop 1: 4 x 6 lightweight utility trailer
Ok this may not seem like much, but it's a great deal at $125, and will be kind of necessary for picking everything else up (along with many vintage finds in the future). It's small, but just big enough to fenangle a sofa on if I need too, and perfect for towing behind my Festiva.

Stop 2: 50's Dinette Set
Ok ok ok I really don't need this, but... it's $25! How can I resist! And actually now that I think of it, I don't have a full red set with chairs, and I do need one for my mom's house. I'll get this, but I promise I'll sell my other girl to make room!

Stop 3: 60's Yellow Armchairs
And I love these 60's chairs! The fact that one's just a wee bit taller makes all the difference! Asking $50, but we'll see how low he can go... (and for the record, I do need these for the living room!)

Stop 4: Set of 6 Chairs
Ok these I don't technically need, but I just love how out of balance they are! I mean, I almost kind of need them...ish. These are a maybe...we'll see what happens...

Stop 5: Pink Stove!!!
And the piece de resistance... the whole reason I'm taking this ridiculous 6 hour trip in the first place, this gorgeous PINK 50's stove!!!! (I think it's a Westinghouse). I've been looking for a pink one forever that was reasonable, and I'm pretty sure I can get this one (which works good!) for $150...

And ok this technically won't be on the same trip, but I might be picking up this super Jetsonsy aqua dental chair from the 50's/early 60's on tuesday!

So anyways, it'll be a looong day! Wish me luck!!


  1. You've got some great things to pick up! I'm thinking that either you have a hidden storage space somewhere...or your house is a crammed full of stuff as mine is! Good luck with your collecting!

  2. Haha a little bit of both! I just got a cheap storage place to stuff a lot of stuff into, but there's still a lot in the house I need to move there...

  3. Good Lord Nick! Haha you with a trailer... thats dangerous, I have this image of you pulling up to my house with a caravan of stuff behind you! However I love the chairs, and I wish the dinette set were in green!

  4. Great finds! Love the red table set, and the PINK STOVE is just the best!!

  5. Whoo hoo! Great finds!!

    Gotta agree, pink stove was the real core, the kitchen table second. But that dental chair gets points for style.

  6. Oops, that should read SCORE lol... Typo at no extra cost *blush*

  7. Haha well it's the core of the trip too!

  8. Between you and Miz Atomic Ranch, I'm starting to become a fan of large pink kitchen stuff. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure my husband would balk at that, so I'm going to stick with my nice vintage white gas stove since I'm not too keen on cooking with electric. You're hilarious!

  9. Woah, I love the Jetson's-esque chair, yellow chairs, everything really. All good scores- how the hell do you find all these retrolicious goodies? Faithfully watching craiglist listings I suppose? You're a pro!

  10. la la love the yellowy chairs!
    and the red set..mmm and the dentist chair ah!
    love the new music..especially the Tiny Tim :)

  11. This reminds me of my old dentist. West Columbian part-time metal craftsman and cushion maker by profession, he took up dentistry after determining that it was really his calling. I used to visit his house when I was a little and there was a time that I came by and he couldn't accommodate me because he was busy crafting his dental chair. It was a modern-classy chair but a real classic now, he showed it to me and I adored him for his talent. He is eccentric and special amongst all the dentists in Columbia Sc. He's a dentist, a brother, and a never-ending memory of great friendship.

  12. How much are you paying for the dentist chair?