Sunday, May 23, 2010

I hate to do one of these posts, but...

PLEASE go here and vote!!! (no really... pretty please??)

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is in this online voting thingy to get a ton of money (I think 200k). They've been doing good, but are now BEHIND by ONE...freakin'...POINT! On the very very last day! I hate simply doing a post telling you to go somewhere and vote (especially since do I EVER have new vintage finds to blog about!) but the National Trust is really important, especially to saving a lot of the vintage and historic structures we love so much! While of course they work a lot to save many buildings over a hundred years old, they also work hard preserving and saving midcentury and googie architecture, which really goes hand in hand with a lot of the vintage furniture and goodies we're saving everyday. So anyways, please go, register, vote, and then do it all again under a fake name and friend's email! *cough* didn't come from me *cough*.

Aren't those places awesome?? You could be saving places like that if you vote!

And in an attempt to relate this somewhat to my normal posts after all this rallying haha, here's an awesome diner chair I got for $3 at a yard sale today!! She's in awesome condition under the dirt, and she just sent in her application to work behind my desk!


  1. A good cause indeed. Thanks for the shout out! I will vote, someday someone might want to tear down my house.

  2. Thanks so much for voting Kevin, and same to anyone else who did! We DID it! We made a difference!! They gained back that point, but get this- it ended at an exact tie! 43% vs. 43%! I don't think that's ever happened..I wonder what happens now?

  3. Oops, looks like I missed out on my chance to vote. But I would have. Also, congratulations on the beautiful dining chair find! I hope I find something just as beautiful when I go yard sale hopping this weekend!

  4. Oh my holy stars! Where is that delicious Victorian house located? Did you snag the image off the NTHP website?