Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh mighty steam cleaner, come to my rescue!

Well first off, I scored a sofa set!! It came out of the house of the original owners, where I also got lots of other goodies, but for now we'll focus on the sofa. I'd been looking for a good 50's sofa for a while in my price range, so when I saw this one only a couple of hours away I couldn't resist. After a little negotiating, I got both the sofa and chair for $50, which I thought was ok, knowing they would need to be cleaned. The upholstery was in fair condition, but they were teetering on that edge of I-don't-really-wanna-use-them-as-is, on the bad side. I finally bit the bullet and decided to hire a professional upholstery cleaner.

I guess I could have just rented a steam cleaner, and probably will in the future, but I just wanted it done the best it could be, and hiring somebody also had the advantage of being able to have it sanitized and disinfected.

He finally got here today, so here are a few before pictures....

Here they are, waiting in the driveway...

In the pic below you can see some of the worst dinginess... I don't mind fading so much, but stains and especially that dingy brownish coloring on the front is a bit questionable...

Here's the sofa in all her dirty glory! She can't help the fact that she's a dirty girl...

Below you can see the extent of the dingy...ness. I'm not sure what to call it. It's not so much a specific stain as it is general wear and dirt.

Well, it's done!!!! I'm afraid I'll have to torture you though, since I don't have any "after" photos yet. The sofa is still drying in the garage. I will say though, the difference is impressive! There's still some spots here and there, and it's not a miraculous rebirth, but as a whole it's wayy better. (No smells, and it's just mentally and visually cleaner and fresh...). The brownish stuff on the front of the armchair where the cushion is is completely gone, and the back of the sofa doesn't have that dirt line where the cushions meet, for example. Way better. But anyways...I'll get pictures up asap!

Oh, and how awesome are these endtables?! Also scored at the same place for $5...!!


  1. Can't wait to see the after pics of your sofa. And I love the end tables, such a bargain!

  2. Love the tables!

    I'm with you: I don't mind some honest wear on things at all. I don't want nor expect my house and it's interior to look "brand new", because mid-century homes with virtually all "brand new" looking interior design tends to look... Contrived. It loses it's vintage charm when it's starkly "new" looking.

    So I bet the sofa set will be fab!

    I'm looking for my own sofa... The hunt continues!

  3. Looks good! what great shapes both the set and side tables are in. and for $ 50 too.

  4. I can't wait to see the after pictures. You got some great pieces.

  5. Like everyone else, I also cannot wait to see the after photos!! You got a really great deal on the sofa and chair!!


  7. You find some of the best deals! I love that sofa several others on here, I'm looking for one myself...I'll find it...someday...

  8. Great idea to have the set steam cleaned. I have the exact same side table, but it is part of a set of three, with a two-tiered end table and a coffee table. They were my very first vintage furniture purchase about 15 years ago. Great blog!

  9. what the hell!.. i wish I could find such great prices for things as these!! =)