Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Ok... it is now 5:13 in the afternoon...wait..I mean morning. This is how tired I am. I've been meaning to get the "after" photos of the sofa and chair up. And well, what started as wanting to have a decent place to take some photos, turned into an all evening-&-night-long project of assembling the living room (after moving everything there out, including a 900 lb player piano!). I was originally planning on painting the walls, but after moving all the furniture in I'm actually going to leave it as is (creme-ish) for now. Part of that is because I'm exhausted, but the other half is that it actually looks pretty good as is. With all the color between the furniture and curtains, the walls kinda need to take a backstage role, and it turns out the already-there creme color is doing that. I'm still thinking of either painting or putting up fabric on the TV wall to act as an accent, but we'll see...

Anyways, the whole reason for this post is to actually say I probably won't get around to posting about the whole shebang until some time this evening or least. Plus the camera doesn't like the whole photos-at-night-thing.

SO to make up for being a sporadic poster's a tiny sneak peak of the sofa and her new habitat!

And in honor of vintage decorating with PINK, here's an awesome
excerpt from Funny Face that expresses my views on gorgeous
50's corally/salmony pinks quite well!


  1. Oh but yeah, we want to see the whole thing lol... =P

  2. I love what I can see of the couch so am anxiously awaiting the complete unveiling. When I started watching the video I said, "Hmmm, that's Kay Thompson but I'm pretty sure that's not a scene from Funny Girl," but I know you meant to type Funny FACE with La Hepburn & Sr. Astaire, oui? Kay Thompson was SUCH a fabulous actress!!!

  3. Looks Amazing! I love the angles on the couch and how they play with the radio and side table! Good Job Nick!

  4. Looks perfect together! I'm looking forward to seeing more. And Thanks so much for the fun wake up music, my son & I are dancing over here :)

  5. No fair, no fair! Can't wait, can't wait!


  6. I want some more too! I'm lovin' what I'm seeing!!

  7. Whoo just woke up! Thanks for the comments everyone! I actually think it all turned out pretty good!! And Vintage Christine- yea haha I meant Funny Face, that's what happens when you blog at 5 in the morning! I know ya'll are anxious so I'll get some photos up today!

  8. Holy Cow I love what I can see! :O)

    I adore pink too, my fave color! Turquoise/aqua is my second.

    Aaack, first the shadowbox, NOW you have my dream couch and chair (glad to hear it cleaned up!) lol! I really wanted a vintage set like that in aqua (or pink) but Hubby got "couch cooties" in his mind and didn't want a vtg sofa (although he has his recliner so he doesn't have to sit on it lol!) so I ended up getting that Macy's corona sofa in a dirty chartruese green color (love chartruese too!) and it looks very vintage, but I adore the big arms on that style best, oh well!
    Congrats! I am happy you found such a great set! I SO can't wait to see it all!!!!!!!!!!! :O)