Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank you, Mr. Clean!

If you own vintage stuff, or heck, ever get stuff that's just a pain to get clean, you have to get Mr. Clean magic erasers! I'm not sure if product shout-outs is anti-blog etiquette, but this has to be an exception! If you've never tried it before you must! I get a lot of vintage stuff, often plastic, which has stains and deep grime/wear that never seems to come out! Someone recommend the magic erasers to me, and I fell in love! You just sit there scrubbin', and it's like magic! I mean you do have to scrub, but almost anything will come out! Marker, grime, build up...the list goes on!

I will go on to say my experience has been mostly on plastics and some furniture, but it's worked good on everything so far! I will say do not use it on any metal painted surface, or -especially-easy-to-forget- on decals that may be on vintage plastic things. Mr. Clean will clean...right through them! As I discovered in a fluster early on while scrubbing a decal on the front of a vintage-ish (thankfully not precious) blender.

My TV recently had some alone time with Mr. Clean, and the results were awesome! Note the "before" was AFTER going over the entire TV with a wet rag. The after is only that one part, but just look at the difference! Like a breath of fresh air...

So yea, I'm doin' a bit of product placement, but I promise it's worth it! And to start your morning off with a contagious jingle that won't get out of your head, here's the original 1958 Mr. Clean commerical!
(I love it, though I'm not sure I'd Mr. Clean my dog...!)


  1. !

    Ironically, the lady who sold me the two white chairs, and the 4 white bar stools also sent along one of these Magic Erasers! Said they work magic.

    The chairs are in fantastic condition already, but there is very slight soiling on the arms and at the back of the seats where dust has settled over the years.

    I will try my Mr Clean and see if I can make them perfect! =D

  2. I love those things! When nothign else would get the grime off of grandmas 1946 mixer they did! haha look at you and your product placement!

  3. They are crazy good! I have used them on vintage finds with good outcomes and am using them now to get scuff marks off of closet walls and off of doors--incredible! BTW, love your blog and your decorating/collecting posts.

  4. I've been told by resellers that these things are magic but I've been a skeptic. I have a box full of vintage treasure to clean up and resell now, so I'm going to try this!

  5. Yeah, isn't it funny how we become pitch men when there is a good product out there? I remember when swiffers came out and I had a wicked spiderweb problem on my ceilings (living in a woody area) and I actually was ENJOYING cleaning the ceilings...just like the good housewives of old.
    Those magic scrubbers really do work on walls. Haven't tried them on my treasures, but will now, thanks!

  6. I've just been reading your blog for the last 20 minutes, and I can't wait to read more! How is it that you're living in my dream home?! Your sofa looks very much like what I remember my Mom's looking like before she made some hideously modern ones back in the 80s. I can't wait to pull that slipcover up so that I can get a peak at it again!

  7. Nothing wrong with product placement. I was actually thinking of blogging about Mr. Clean Erasers because they are so amazing. I had my daughter wipe down a cupboard door with them. She was hooked! I got some for my sister and she uses them when she's doing decorative painting and has an oops. Your blog is great btw.

    Katharine @ Kat's Almost Purrfect World