Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage Trailer Lust (continued...)

Alright, so while the last one didn't pan out, I have a couple more leads up my sleeve... The first is this awesome vintage Shasta Airflyte!

The picture is a not-so-good cell pic, so it really doesn't do it justice. It's all original with allegedly no water damage or staining under the windows (hard to believe to be honest, I'll have to see it in person), and is just plain awesome! I love the canned ham shape, the 2 tone aqua, the Z stripe, and wings!! I think I can get her for about $700. We'll see.

The next one is a cute 1969 Canned Ham! Needs work, but the best thing about this one is they're only asking $175!!! Which is amazing... I would hop on this quicker than a trampoline but I'm crazy busy today and I don't think I'll have time to drive up until tomorrow ish...mayyybe. Which might just be too long a wait with a price like that (the lady had gotten over 30 calls).

This next one isn't in the same league as 50's cuteness, or even a trailer, but try to follow me here! Appreciate her 1969-ness! She's kind of awkward, like her forehead's a little too big and her face a little too low and angled funny, and she just has this funny little so-bad-its-good thing going on, at least to me! I would paint her (get rid of the white on the sides) and go crazy with the interior. It's mostly gutted, which is actually a good thing for me! It even has this funny little enclosed balcony thing on the back that looks just like a caboose (even has an arched roof!). This would not be instead of a trailer, it would be in addition too (I know, I know..). I think I can get her for really cheap, and she's mechanically good, so we'll see...

And just for fun... a vintage trailer I sold a couple months ago! She looks adorable I know, but she had a LOT of problems and would have been too much for me to fix. Most notably her booty got pushed in when I tree fell on it :(. You can't see it here, cause it actually got chopped off the back, leaving an uuugly grey primered dented metal covering where it was... Still, I'll miss her!

And to answer the question I'm sure you've all been thinking, I have a storage place that can fit a 30 ft. RV plus small trailer for $30 a month! (Which is pretty darn good)


  1. If you don't hurry up and get a trailer I'm going to scream! I can't believe all those beauties are so close by to you. There is NOTHING here!!!

  2. ou bring that shasta to "As Time Goes By" and there a 98% chance it wont return with you ;) Think of it as your Texas Get away! Haha I should just wire you $$$$ and let you find one for me!

  3. Hahaha Mick... Oh and Christine you may have your wish! I'm going to pick up that Shasta tomorrow for $500!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi my name is yirel im 23 and just purchased a 1955 palace ranchome for 1 is a fixer and it is the first time i will do any restoration but i just whanted to buy has a lot and i mean a lot of work to be done but ive already paited the outside...ill have lots of fun...