Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"40 Cups of Coffee", or how to be an architecture student.

Sometimes I don't know how I do it. But I think Ella Mae Morse has the right idea.

Except I'm not waiting for a man, I'm waiting for a project deadline. Oh well, who needs a man when you have architecture...right?

I mean doesn't this place just say sweet and cozy to you? Who wouldn't want to spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT of your life in such a warm fuzzy cubicle??

But at least my workspace has all these vintage goodies to make me feel better after a long day in studio....

I love my kitschtastic 60's rooster clock!

And this pink clock! Such great angles and its pink!! Scored that with those awesome salt n' pepper buddies for $5!

And who needs an ipod when you can have late night record dance offs to Diana Ross and the Supremes?

And now I can erase in STYLE! (I really do use this all the time!)

Here's some of the stuff I've been working on...

One of the first projects...a formal-ish city park for a specific site...

Decided to add a little color to my process models with some marshmellows and tic tacs! Ha!

Very rough/early process work for a current project...

But yea...it's been a long semester. I'm so happy thanksgiving break is here! I know one thing I'll be doing! NOT architecture! (at least for the holiday itself...)

P.S. scored this AWESOME chair recently! I love love love it! (and this is a bad pic). From a design perspective I love how it seems to be made of these aqua "forms" that appear to be floating in space... And...$10!! It's peerfectly worn too...


  1. That chair is so cool. I really want your pink clock, I am so jealous

  2. I started watching that show Mad Men, so Im catching up on all the seasons now. I just watched an episode yesterday where one of the art guys was using an electric eraser!! I got so excited b/c Im such a dork. lol

  3. I tack fabric to my walls at work and illuminate my work space with a dim lamp to keep things cozy in the dreary office environment. I need some vintage office bits to make it even more awesome. LOVE your clock and pencil sharpener.

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