Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lots of new goodies!!

(P.S. If 2 of these posts show up in your blog feed, pick the top-most one. Some slight blogger issues..)

As crazy as architecture has been, that sure doesn't mean I've taken a break on finding and rescuing new vintage goodies!

In the above pic, I scored that 50's endtable and an amazing Kroehler swiveling chair for $15! The chair is incredible, but of course I don't have a picture of it... I agreed to take the chair and endtable right away to get it for $15 at the thrift store, just kinda forgot what car I was driving hehe... the guy's face as he carried out the chair to the car was priceless... It was a "cozy" trip home to say the least...

Haven't painted or decorated much in the above room, but just putting vintage stuff in the room makes it instantly better! This table set is one of my all time favorite pieces...The lines of the table, the blonde wood, and that outrageous original striped vinyl! This one's definitely a long-term keeper! (Can you believe the seller wanted to reupholster them?! Yes, there are a few small rips on the seat part of some of them, but those stripes! Oh! How could you even think that!

And scored this awesome melmac set on ebay! $30 got me a lot! This is only a third of the whole set! (the other half is pink and yellow!!!)

I got the following stuff at the same place I got my sofa set in the living room...

Love this 60's string owl! I forget what these are called, but I love it! It'll go great against the soon-to-be pale chartreuse wall in the family room.

LOVE these 1940's pisner glasses! A set of 8 in perfect condition for $10!

And of course filled my appetite for kitsch with some awesome salt-n-pepper guys! I love the bowl of fruit- the pineapple and lemon come out ha!

And aren't these awwsh? The seller's mother made them in the 50's, and she was going to throw them away!

And an incredible score for $3!!! This amazing vintage tin rocket ship!! It's supposed to light up and drive around (it sort of does...ish). I hung it on the wall...I LOVE this!!!

And got me some killer vintage shades!

Also rescued him from the dumpster at my school! I use him in the office now! Love those boomerang arms...

Also scored this incredible Zenith Porthole TV!!!!! Ok actually I don't have a picture of mine on hand, but this is the exact same year/model as mine, except mine's in better shape! It's gutted, but that just means I can hide modern TV guts behind the screen and no one will know (shh!).

Also got this later 50's Zenith recently. However, the more recent find of the above Zenith means I have to sell this later one(I can't keep em all, and love the literal round screen of the earlier one!). I have one guy really interested in CT... I have to see is UPS would ship this... (I would remove the glass and legs).

So anyways, I know that was a long post, but I'm so far behind and just wanted to show you all all the goodies I've been getting! And that's still not nearly everything...

I will say as much as I have I basically have the thing where I don't just want to get stuff to have it, and then put it in storage... its too hoggish when other vintage lovers could use and love it! So I'm really trying to sell the stuff I don't absolutely love...maybe I can make a compilation of everything to sell, put it in a flickr album, and put a link to the side here somewhere... What happens is I'll get something, and then a bit later find something even better to replace it. (like the TV's above). And I should sell it immediately but it just takes so much time... but I really do need to get on that...


  1. Oh, I love those Pilsner glasses! I saw that pattern on some regular glasses at an auction this fall, and I loved it there as well. And finding a porthole TV...I'm jealous!

  2. Okay I must say that first picture really gave me a good laugh! hahaha Nice finds! Good to see you're not so busy that you can't keep up with your treasure hunts.


  3. Love the picture of the furniture in your car-too cute. Your dinette is awesome--can't imagine getting rid of the stripes. You have consistently some of the best finds at reasonable prices. Reasonable vintage is still out there!

  4. Hot damn, that's the mother-load of atomic era treasures. I envy that office chair the most, I've been desperately hunting for a quality vintage chair.

    But...I love each piece you found. You're a pro vintage hunter.

  5. Great stuff! Love the space ship and your dumpster office chair.

  6. I once said vintage gravel art would be the next hot item, and it was! I get the feeling, that 1970's string art will do the same thing!

    Love ALL your stuff!!!

  7. I'm drooling! I found some pilsner glasses @ a thrift. Aqua & gold fish...sadly alot of the gold ones were gone! I didn't pick them up as I was looking for resell items. I did pick up a wooden salt & pepper shaker similar to your with the red & white chefs hats....only mine have a squared off top! I'll be back....I'm ur new stalker!! haha

  8. All of it is great but OMG THAT ROCKET! I am so jealous. That has to be one of the all time coolest finds I've seen.

  9. Wow! You found some great stuff! Love those little handmade animals, so cute!
    but gotta say, I'm in love with your car :)