Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kitchen Plans

I'm done with fall semester!!!!!!!!!!

....Well, I should be! But instead, I still have 20 pages of papers to write by tuesday. I haven't quite escaped from Architraz yet... Funnn.... All I can say is this song is probably appropriate for how I plan to get all this done on time...

In the mean time, I have decided I would like to procrastinate. Specifically, while dreaming about vintage kitchens! I'm actually getting ready to leave for Upstate NY (after I get these papers done), where I'll be working on the bunny house over winter break. Specifically, I'll be working on the kitchen! I don't know how much progress I can make in the time I have (I also have other stuff to do), but I can at least get started! I got to dig out some of the kitchen stuff that's gonna be comin' with me...stuff I've had for a while now that I've been dying to see set up! Bein' the design fanatic I am, I've spent a lot of time working out different possible kitchen plans with the general floor plan of the house... Its been an interesting design challenge since all the pieces of this kitchen puzzle are currently mismatched salvage... I think it can all come together though....

Anyways, here are the main pieces I'm workin' with.... There'll surely be others, but these will probably be the main players.

Kitchen cabinet set: This is from when I purchased them; its actually only the cabinets that have the sliding glass panels- not the two lower right bottoms. I lovve the glass, and I think they'll be incredible once finished... They need a LOT of work though...

Here's the reality of those upper cabinets: they're great, but very dented and misaligned...and pretty rough. my goal will be to take them all apart, sandblast them, straighten all the hinges and dents, and paint em up.

This is the sink cabinet I'll probably be using; it's from a Youngstown kitchen. The sink that will go in it is pink!

And here's a sneak peak of my pink stove! I also have a fabulous mint green fridge that I don't currently have any good photos of...

And I don't know if she'll fit in anywhere, but I picked rhis chair up last summer and love her to death! I've never seen a chair with curves like that ha! Any good ideas for a use of a single fabulous dinette chair? I'm not sure if it should be a kitchen thing, or...?

I don't have any floor plans on hand, but here's some rough sketch-up perspectives of what I'm thinking....Its a fairly small kitchen, but I wanna try to make the most of the space. I like the idea of setting the rounded counter out at an angle, cause I like angles, but also because it just works well (IMO). It allows a small eat-in area with some stools, and also gives the kitchen more counter space. If it were a true "L" it would cut into the kitchen space to much, and if there was no jut-out you'd have very little counter space, with no stool area. The counter I already have; its an original light turquoise formica countertop with a great boomerang pattern, in excellent condition. I have the fridge against the far wall, a sink space next to it a bit lower than the bar counter, and the stove on the opposite wall to complete the work triangle.

Just another perspective (I've spent most of my time designing this side of the kitchen). On the left would be a small window seat. (note that the dining room is to the left).

And for fun, here's been some inspiration kitchens:
This one I just LOVE.. love the angled counter, how the floor picks up the angle, the angled cabinets, the glass, love it all...

Again love the angles in this kitchen. (Can you tel I like angles?) While I appreciate wood kitchens like this, the metal sets are more my style...

And this one's so colorful and happy!

So, that's where I stand... Wish me luck!
And ok, I should probably get started on those papers now!


  1. My gosh! They are all so beautiful! I'd love to have the pastel set-up on the bottom! Be sure to take pics of your restoration process and share them here!