Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back in Studio

And now for the home stretch... the last semester of Architorture! Alas, I'll be released from Architraz!

(ok, enough with the architecture puns...)

But seriously, I can't believe it! This is beyond huge for me...And yes, I know I still have to somehow get through this semester...but once I do....woooo here comes lifeee! I know its not gonna be all lollipops and rainbows and fluffy things, but I'm so ready for this...SO ready... School is officially 100% over May 20th (graduation), and after that I'm going to begin the quick transition into moving to Upstate NY. I'll be graduating with a bachelor of science in Architecture and hopefully I'll fenangle something out of all the preservation classes I've taken). A LOT has to be done, and its not gonna be quick or simple, but I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time... I have a home waiting for me up there that needs all the love I can put into it...

Speaking of which, the parsonage is coming along! I have to find my photos, but over break I scraped the peeling beadboard ceilings, took up layers and layers of linoleum in the kitchen, and have begun scraping wallpaper. I discovered gorgeous 1920's wood flooring in the kitchen, with also-gorgeous painted 1860's wide plank flooring beneath... (for some reason, they only added the 1920's wood in the kitchen, which makes me a little worried as to why they did that (fire? damage?). Scraping the wallpaper was also really addictive, and I want to get a sample of every wallpaper layer I go through to keep in a book on the parsonage :)... I had planned to get more done, but a couple things came up over break that ended up changing the dynamic of the trip...

On a final note, with the beginning of studio (its hard to believe we're almost a month in), I was so thrilled this was the last semester I went on a decorating binge... (partly because I got an awesome corner window seat this semester!). Compared to everyone else, I may have gone a little crazy, but it fits me just fine...had to bring a little "home" to my daily workspace :)...(p.s. sorry for the crappy cell phone pics!)

Can you guess which desk is me? (And I still haven't started on most of my desk yet!)


  1. Oh Nick, you and your Peeps! Keep it up man!

  2. Is that a framed Peep? How old is he? I bet they never age huh? I like the stripy desk and rag rug. Is that a record player I spy?

  3. Yep thats a framed peep! And you're right they never seem to age....gettin up to 3 years now haha.. And yes it is, good eye! Nothin' like late night motown records to get through charette...