Saturday, February 11, 2012

Me in Drag! for...architecture?

Well, one of the more fun projects this semester in studio was a film project where we had to document some form of transformation...It could be anything really, totally up to our interpretation... the idea is that the built environment is constantly in a state of transformation, and as architects how we deal with that current or potential transformation is important... This was only part one of the project, so we'll see where it goes...

Anyways, I decided to go man to woman! Or rather....Woman to man... I liked the idea of revealing the true mechanism behind the facade, and paralleling my transformation to that of my vintage kitty clock (the facade of the clock versus the reality of what makes it tick). I wasn't going for super cheerful, the sound of the clock is intended to be a little off-putting since it becomes the sound track.. I'll try to attach the video below, but for now here are a few photos of how I turned out!

P.S. the dress is real 60's vintage- I LOVE it...the shawl I had to improvise- its a piece of fur from Walmart haha...worked good enough from a distance though...


  1. I'm far from a dress up in dresses girl but that one rocks! I like the way you did the video. Great backdrop.

  2. That was really neat nick! Well done.

  3. Okay first look better as a woman than I do! Secondly, love the film. And that you included the clock eyes from behind. Wonderful.

  4. Nice correlation to the clock. I didn't hear any audio, but that may be my computer's fault. I like the dress (I'd wear it!) and the background props. Nice!

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