Monday, March 22, 2010

Amazing...Pink Fridge/Stove Set!

Ooooh how I wish this was closer! If it was any nearer I would get it in a heartbeat! This amaaazing PINK set is from 1955! I believe it's GE... Besides the color, the design is phenomenal- check out the deco grill cover on the stove! Drooool....

As it is, this amazing set sits near Denver, Colorodo. More than halfway cross the country! I've actually considered going or having it shipped, but I'm a little hesitant, as it's also untested. In the good condition it's in, I'd be surprised if it didn't work, but still, that would suck to have gone through all that and not be able to use them! Still....I'm tempted! I've dreamt of a set like this forever...the style, that COLOR! Not to mention the aqua interior of the fridge...

I am driving cross country this summer, so I wonder if the seller would allow me to buy it now and pick it up on my way back in a few months... Maybe not, but it can't hurt to ask...


  1. wow, I am not a fan of pink but you are right the design is phenomenal! It definitely can not hurt to ask. Good luck :)

  2. My dream is that I have a pink and grey kitchen like my aunt Ida's someday. That would fit in just right! Zootsuitmama

  3. You have no Idea How excited I just was! I noticed the inside and style of your fridge is THE SAME style of the fridge in the 1957 Trailer. So I ran over there to see if maybe JUST Maybe the stove was the same. Sadly it is not :( But There is a matching washer/dryer with the yellow set in the trailer! I hope you get the set Nick!