Sunday, March 14, 2010

One of my favorite tables!

This might be my favorite 50's table... The legs, the style, the buttons, oooh! I found it in this huge warehouse of used furniture. There was stuff piled to the ceiling, but I have to say most of it wasn't that good... Not that much vintage stuff at all! After a half hour of searching, I saw a glimmer of chrome from beneath of pile of junk. I look closer and saw one of those awesome buttons! I couldn't even tell what it was, but I knew it would be awesome! And indeed it was...

It's not perfect, but for $15 who can complain?! It doesn't have any chairs, but I'm on the lookout... Anyways, here she is!


  1. Oh wow! I'll bet you just about fainted when you saw how great it really is! What a find - I love yellow! ZSM

  2. that is awesome! looks like it has a cool design on top too!

  3. I have always wanted a chrome table. What a great find!!!

  4. The buttons are really fab. I love these tables, you did good! Fifteen dollars is amazing.

  5. This Table is actually from the 1940's! Theres also a glass or bakelite bowl that goes in that ring in the middle BECAUSE ITS A PLANTER! haha The ad is out there cyberspace somewhere and I beleive its yellow topped too!

  6. ha! wha? planter??!

    Oh I remember being on the phone with you when you found this one....hee you went ...
    "whattt???? WHAT is THAT?????????????????????"
    Like only yohoo can it..I would say one of your better pieces..but I know better :)
    Only YOU could find it for that insane price..
    Lucky? I don't think are always scouring..

    And she is waiting at the parsonage for You..the guest celebrity decorator to make that little
    baby house fabu...cannot WAIT!!!!

  7. Great table! I've got a red and chrome one in my kitchen (scored for $5). I gave up on finding decent chrome chairs for mine and paired it instead with an old set of wood chairs that I painted blue. I love the way it turned out.