Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family Room Area

So before you look at the pictures, please realize that this was initally the kitchen at the house I'm renting a room at. Also, I apologize for the not-so-wonderful cell phone picture. It was the only one I have on hand, but I'll try to get a better one up. The landlord likes me, and told me I could partially furnish the house if I found space. As soon as I walked into the kitchen I knew there was potential for another room/area there. Keep in mind I'm not allowed to paint or do much with the walls, which of course keeps this from living up to its full potential. Still, it's a big difference!

Oh, and for the record, here's what I spent on the major pieces:

Green loveseat: free
Herman Miller Repro Chair & Ottoman: free
Curly Q chair: $20
Early 60's, working TV: $10
40's Lamp and Shade: $2
Late 60's Coffee Table: $8
Shag: $20
Carpet tiles: $50

Ironically, the carpet is what I spent the most on! It's also missing one square, which I have, and just need to put in...

I got permission to hang something on the wall if I like...any suggestions? Vintage prints? Starburst clock? Atomic age mirror? I know it's not nearly finished (and has already changed a little since this picture was taken), but what do you think so far?


  1. I think you need a Sunburst Clocl hanging over the Tv... a STAPLE in any vintage/retro home! Good Job Nick!

  2. yes...i completely agree... sunburst clocks scream retro... everyone that comes over notices mine and says how they love it.

  3. Yup, I agree with the boys--a sunburst clock would add a fabulous final touch. The room looks amazing!

  4. oh that room! was horrible before!
    i lovveee the wiggle chair and all of it..
    love love love...great job :)