Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ebay Issues... (update)

I've usually had good experiences with ebay, but lately I've been cursed with several bad big transactions! The current one that's bothering me is for my 1972 VW Bus. I sold it on ebay late february. The high bidder had low feedback, but I contacted her first, and everything seemed fine. She said she was very serious, and hoped to win. She did, and sent the $250 deposit the next day. I talked with her, and everything seemed to be going well.

A few days went by, and the day she thought she could come pick it up she didn't show. She called the next day, and apologized, and said she would keep me updated. She said she was waiting for her tax return or something, and that it hadn't come as early as she thought it would. That's the last I've heard of her. Meanwhile the Bus is still here, and I have to get it sold! As per ebay rules, she's technically required to pay in full within 10 days (it said so on the listing). I finally decided to relist it after opening (and closing) an unpaid item dispute. I opened one, and waited the necessary time, and am about to close, except now apparently she's opened an "item not received" dispute against ME, saying she's paid and hasn't got the item!

So frustrating! She's made no form of contact and hasn't responded to many efforts from me (calling, email, ebay messages). I think she now wants her deposit back. I still have the seller's fee, and all the time wasted and the loss of other interested buyers. What do you think? What would you do?

UPDATE: Things have gotten weirder.. After looking into the unpaid item thing (also on paypal this time), I found a message from her. Here's what it says:

"Talked with the seller's mechanic, and was told that automobile was not at all as represented on ebay. Seller sold me this vehicle, KNOWING that I had over a five hour drive home with a child along with me, and still never mentioned all of the many problems I might have ran into driving home. I was lied to and have no vehicle to show for it. I have talked with an attorney and fraud detective in both my hometown as well as in Laurel Md, and will proceed as necessary if this cannot be handled here."

Needless to say, I'm confused! I never gave her the number to my mechanic (and he's a backyard mechanic so she couldn't have just "found" his number), and he certainly wouldn't have told her it's misrepresented! Nothing's guaranteed as it's a vintage vehicle, but it runs great and nothing needs to be fixed right now. Not to mention she's the one who wouldn't communicate or respond to me! Is this real? Or some sort of fraud? I've talked to this woman over the phone once, which makes me think it's somehow a misunderstanding, but I don't know. The mechanic thing really throws me off...


  1. well, if its like an apartment, you put down the deposit... and if you bail, then you don't get the deposit back. i would say if its been a fair amount of time (couple of weeks), and you have left messages saying you are going to re-post the ad then i would say ebay would judge on your side since she did not pay in full in the alloted time. i would think she would know that the whole purpose of a deposit is to hold the item, and its not refundable.... why else have a deposit? Let me know what happens!

  2. hmmmm... that sucks. I have never sold anything on eBay but I've twice had an issue with buying something and then never recieving it. The first time the person had no idea it was even listed and thier sons girlfriend had put it on there to see how much it was worth! then the second time i just called them and they refunded me.

    From the sounds of it, you are completely in the right. As you say, she has 10 days to pay in full to which she didnt comply so you had every right to relist. If she has opened a dispute without contacting you she is way off base.

    It says (somewhere on the eBay help) that you have to try to contact them and resolve it first. I am sure eBay would take that in to account, and your sellers fee's. I am not sure about the loss of time though...

    I assume it wasn't paid through paypal?

    you should try going on the LiveHelp... It's under the contact us tab on the Australian eBay, i guess it would be the same for you?

    Good luck :)

  3. wow... wtf? that is way overboard. "I have talked with an attorney and fraud detective in both my hometown as well as in Laurel Md, and will proceed as necessary if this cannot be handled here." What is that all about? Something is definatly dodgy about this whole situation. Surely if someone is going to to all the trouble of contacting an attorney they would contact the seller first! and... creepy that she thinks she spoke to your mechanic...

    If it is a misunderstanding she has total crossed the line, there is no excuse for not contacting you if she had the time to speak to "your mechanic".

  4. um, it sounds like she is nuts. did you call your mechanic to see if she really called?