Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kitchen: Before

Here's some pictures of the kitchen from winter break. The before! I've done nothing to the space in these photos. The vintage 1940's linoleum floor was unfortunately too far gone to be saved. And actually, while currently the kitchen, this is actually going to become the office and the kitchen will be moved to a bigger more light filled room in the house.   This room is adorable, but so small for a kitchen!  Only 9 ft wide!  The other room has south facing windows for morning sun, and is much bigger, and at the heart of the house (not a tucked away little corner like it is now).  The sink is nice, but will be replaced with a 1930's mint green farmhouse sink.  The stove I have to think about...its PINK, which I LOVE, but I have to see if it goes with the kitchen colors in the end.  I have another 1950's stove competing for the spot, that is white but super cartoony with great sentimental value..

What are your thoughts on the wallpaper?  I'm not going to be keeping all of it, but I was thinking of keeping one wall, maybe as a kitschy accent.  I believe its from the 1940's...

After some initial ceiling scraping...don't worry, I wore a mask and sprayed everything to keep the dust down (lead paint).

And hidden behind the linoleum behind the linoleum behind the mastic is this early 20th c. wood floor!  And behind THIS is the original wide plank flooring!!

P.S. sorry for the bad pics- it was night and my camera was acting up..


  1. That old kitchen is SO darling! I love the pattern and color combos. I also love how they wallpapered over those pipes. Ingenious. I'm like you - I'd consider keeping a wall of the paper. It's great. And three cheers for finding wood floors!

    1. Ha! It cracked me up too that they even wallpapered the plumbing! That's gonna stay- its too cute to get rid of :)

  2. That wallpaper has me swooning over here like a Southern Belle headed for a fainting couch! I'm such a sucker for toile and historical image print paper, and would definitely leave one (or four, you know, whatever works ;D) walls up.

    Thank you very much for your encouraging, kind comment on my Saturday Snapshots post this week. After that experience a few days ago, I spent a good part of the week reflecting on being an introvert and a shy person, and determined that it's best to keep venturing outside of my comfort zone even if it means receiving less than stellar responses sometimes. After all, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained :)

    Thanks again, Nick - hope you have a beautiful Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. The wallpaper is adorable, keep an accent wall by all means! And that pink stove is super cute. Can't wait to see the mint green sink, ah, all my favorite color palette! :)