Friday, May 4, 2012

Incredible Vintage Iron Chairs!

I didn't think I could top myself with the recent sink, but these iron chairs are incredible!! I feel like I'm on a roll now that school is ending! Now I haven't actually bought them yet, but I've talked the seller down to a price I can afford, and am getting ready to send a deposit!  (I can't pick them up for a week or 2).  The seller doesn't know exactly how old they are, but he believes they may be from the 70's.  I'll have to try and judge the age when I see them in person...all I know is if they're half as good as they look in the pics, I think I'll be beyond thrilled....  I'm actually thinking I might end up using them as the breakfast area chairs in the kitchen...  I can't wait to start designing around them in the space!  I'll have to find a table thats worthy of them... It'll actually be an interesting challenge....normally chairs play somewhat the part of backup dancers in design, but lets face it, these girls are divas.  To be honest, I can't possibly imagine how they can be comfortable, but in the end, I think of a quote from one of my favorite movies, "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything"...

"Well pumpkins, it looks like it comes down to that age old decison.....Style..or Substance?



  1. Those are so wonderfully wild. Like as though a mid-century designer was channeling an Alice in Wonderland vibe. Awesome indeed!

    Thank you very much for your comment today, Nick. I completely agree and am so glad you mentioned that point about the dates. On some sites (eBay) the system seems to know how to group various similar dates or words together in one set of search results, but many others (etsy included) do not.

    Thanks again & have a stellar weekend,

  2. Very interesting chairs, yes they certainly are Diva's! They look to me very much from the 80s. I recall loads of furniture back then with that silhouette -- very curvy and sexy! I just now remembered I had a friend who had kitchen chairs back in the 80s that were very similar (and no, they weren't comfy but who cares about comfort when it comes to style?) Whatever their age, they are gorgeous and deserve to shine wherever you decide to place them!

  3. Those are pretty wild chairs! I'm not sure they look particularly comfortable but definitely awesome!