Sunday, May 13, 2012

Treat for Myself: Vintage Door Hardware!

Now that I'm graduating from the University of MD next week (woo!!), I must admit I've been taking full advantage of the whole "I just finished 4 years of college- I deserve a little somethin' somethin'!" thing. I think I know deep down this will only last another week or so before the guilt sets in.  After all, I have MANY more things that truly need the money.  But in true Nick-style, I've justified spending a little more than I normally would to get something I don't really "need", but really want!

And here they are....!!

 I don't really have a good picture of the front door, but its actually very nice, although hidden behind an awful modern screen door that HAS ta go! You can sort of see it in the pic below..  The hardware was replaced with really cheap home depot brass stuff, that totally kills the look of the door! Since its gonna be something I use every day, I decided to splurge and get more appropriate "house jewelry"! I am a detail freak, so I also will be getting vintage hinges to replace the modern ones, and the wonderful woman who sold me the set is provided vintage screws that match the patina of each side.
*note that you should use a historically correct slotted screw, NOT a modern phillips head screw on an antique doorplate, and always hand screw after pre-drilling).

Speaking of patina, that's one of the things that makes this set so special.  Because one side has been exposed to the elements for 100 years, they've aged very differently, and I love it!  I also love that the interior will be a glass knob, with very different almost black exterior hardware.

This isn't the best picture of the knobs, but interestingly the lavender knob (appears darker here) became that way due to sun exposure- it started clear.  That dates it between 1890 - 1914.  The other knob was manufactured by Sargent & Co. around 1905.  It's the pattern "bullis" from their Greek school of architecture patterns.  The door plates (pattern "quincy") were manufactured around 1905 by the Reading Hardware Co.   (p.s.- credit goes to Vicky at Historic Home Hardware for assembling this phenomenal set and knowing the history!)

Everything is complete and freshly cleaned and oiled, and works great with a skeleton key! 

Also, just to note, this isn't technically "era correct" to my house which is an 1865 Greek Revival, but my motto is if the original is long gone, then I'll go with something old that I like!

I'll keep you guys posted as the door project goes on...Its not quite as simple as it seems, since I have to fill in the larger whole left from the home depot hardware, get proper hinges, and make repairs to the door such as somehow removing a huge sheet of plywood that was bizarrely glued onto the back of the door (to better insulate it I presume?). 

So like everything in my life, its not simple, but thats what makes it fun!

...I think.


  1. Nice choice in hardware, and I like the aged qualities of everything, they should look great. (It's funny meeting someone who you've been acquainted with through blogging - very cool. I'm still tempted to come back and get that floor lamp...)

  2. That BLOWS MY MIND! The door knob started out clear. I have one of those as well, but I always thought they were meant to be lavender! how much did you actually end up paying? I have a set of Double doors waiting for the Casablanca in Missouri that my friends and I are road tripping to go get. It too has a skeleton key lock, butthe key is long gone... and i'l really kind of like to find a skeleton key set! Pretty dang cool and Congrats on Graduating!!!

  3. I've always had a penchant for beautiful vintage and antique doorknobs, too, and swooned on the spot when I saw the stellar ones you've gathered. Really, really marvelous finds!

    Wishing you a fantastic Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

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  7. These are adorable pieces, great as a door additions.
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