Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fridge & Stove Dreaming....

Let me introduce you to some of the appliances I dream about at night (what are you talkin' about- that's totally normal). So far, I think, this is the top vintage refrigerator for me. If you see another that rivals it, let me know! (I even uploaded big pics so you can click on them and drool even more!)

It's a 1957 Frigidaire Imperial Cold Pantry. I mean just LOOK at it. If the vintage gods needed a fridge, they would use this. It's that seafoamy color I LOVE, and the style of this thing is just outrageous! It even has a metallic pink interior!!


And the STOVE!

There is some good news though....I found the same model and year fridge! Unfortunately, it's not this color (it's white), and it's condition outside is only "ok", but I figure I'll keep her till I find a better example! And if necessary, though I don't usually like doing this, have her painted this color. (I can justify it to myself since mine is worn with surface rust outside, etc). Mine does however have the fantastic pink interior in good condition, with butter dish (with it's own cold-to-warm temp. setting!), owner's manual, and removeable "shelf/container/thing" that the original salesman told the couple I bought it from they could "take on picnics"...


  1. That fridge is sitting in my grandmothers garage!! Her's is gold and red. Im happy you got a fridge, but be forewarned- they can often scare the CRAP out of you! If the Compressor is on the bottom KEEP YOUR PETS AWAY.... This cat I took care of last summer, (who im 90% sure was Satan with fur) crawled behind the fridge and unploder the cord to the compressor causing the fridge not to work. Did I tell you this was at one of our four MAJOR parties haha! I was lucky I tuched the wire and pushed, it reconnected the fridge got cold and the cat was put outside...

  2. omg satan with fur..that made me roll !
    i love that fridge!!! that kitcheny thing ahh!

    i also come here for the drinks and music...
    I'll have fries with a vanilla malt for dipping
    and turn it UP :)

  3. You've obviously got one hell of a lucky thumb or something--you just got that incredible car and now the fridge?! We NEVER see things like that down here (at least I don't but that doesn't mean they're not here). And yup, I did drool on my keyboard . . .

  4. Haha I'll admit I did get the fridge several months ago...I actually almost died as we were getting it up from the guy's basement, and the whole thing started to fall back. My first reaction before I'm about to be crushed to death? "The FRIIIIIDDGGGEE!!! Don't let the door handle break!!". Somehow the vintage gods intervened and allowed a low ceiling bumpout filled with christmas decorations act as a crumple zone and catch the fridge without damage...

    These pictures aren't of my specific one, only of what it will hopefully become...(and I still need to find that stove!)

  5. Nick,

    First- you have an award over at my blog waiting for you!

    Second, this is just sad. I play "Happy Pets" on Facebook. I'm saving up for a fridge and stove and retro wall paper for the kitchen. My life is apparently, just virtual. Sigh.

  6. Entrepreneur Chick- THANKS so much for the award!!!! And don't worry haha- you're life isn't just virtual! You'll have the kitchen of your dreams in no time...

    You know what's really painful though? If I remember correctly, the guy who actually got this specific set got them at an estate sale for less than $200... he said he saw a glimmer of chrome from beneath a tarp in the corner of the garage...it sounds like a dream I'd have!