Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of my best chairs...

Actually, I think it might be THE best. I got her last summer, after a lot of work...

In fact, let me tell you what I went through for this chair! Upon seeing her image on Pittsburgh craigslist, I instantly fell in love. I decided I would get her no matter what the cost or distance. The cost was actually only $90 (eventually haggled down to $50), but simply being able to get her was a different story. I told the seller how much I loved it, how it fit perfectly, and how I would be willing to drive out from MD the next day.

Bad idea apparently. I'm not sure if I freaked him out over how much I loved it, but he said I was too far and he wanted someone who could come over and pick it up right away. Then he stopped email contact. I couldn't believe it. Was I about to lose my dream chair to something as dumb as THIS? Oh no... so I did what any rational vintage-loving person would do. I created a fake identity. (Oh the lengths I go to for furniture). Or more specifically, I used a friend's and said I lived about 40 minutes away and was very interested. Very quick, dry, and to the point. No ooshy gooshy stuff. And he took the bait! I was scheduled to come over to see it tomorrow at 4. Except there was a problem. "I" was "Julie". Things got more complicated. I pondered showing up in vintage drag. What would I do? I finally emailed him, saying "my boyfriend Larry is actually going to come to pick the chair up since I work late that day". It should have worked, but then he wanted to talk to "me". Gah! So of course I bribed one of my female friends to call him, act as "Julie" and hash it out.

And after all that, it WORKED! I feel like he suspected something funny was up, but ya know what, I got my chair!

I can't get over this chair. It was like someone took an otherwise phenomenal midcentury chair, and then just streeeeetched it to ridiculous heights! It is absolutely 100% ME. Vintage styling with a quirky twist! And it's aqua!

Here she is from behind. Definitely one of my best pieces...

What do you think? :)


  1. Amazing...
    Your story is verymuch liek the song and dance routine I had to go through to get my 1946 Sparton Console radio! But TOTALLY worth it right?!

  2. Right!! And did you post the story on that?

  3. i freakn LOVE this chair!
    (I played Julie)
    i remember seeing a pic of the chair in the parking lot on your way home....it sort of reminds me of a thinner sister to pee wee's 'chairy' love love love

  4. Love it!
    I totally see the "thinner sister to pee wee's 'chairy'" your friend is talking about! lol.
    Oooh after browsing through your blog I can truely say I am jealous of all your findings.. and off of craigslist too!
    Please share with me your craigslist secrets!! lol. keywords & tricks please! =)
    Maybe it's cuz I live in the San Francisco bay area .. where everyone seems to be more into quick build ikea furniture or charging people $$ up the arse for simple vintage gems. =(

  5. Ha thanks! Actually I recently had to move all my stuff and it completely shocked me how much I actually have...(and how much I need to sell!). I wish you were closer- I would love to give you some of the stuff I have that needs a loving home! Are you looking for anything in particular?

    And as for craigslist, I guess I'm in a really good vintage area? Wendy says the same thing- she doesn't know HOW I find this stuff! I will say it doesn't all come from here (DC/Baltimore area). I have been known to drive a lot for certain pieces. I would definitely recommend looking outside of your normal areas, or even trying searchtempest.com to search a lot of places at once. If I find something really really good, and cheap, but far, I'll try to look for other vintage stuff along the way to kind of get the most out of the trip. It makes a fun road trip, and I don't do very long (5 hours) trips often at all, unless its suuuper good... Usually I stay local, and then check stuff an hour or 2 away... The road-trip worthy stuff is usually really special appliances (i.e. a pink stove!), or big furniture like vintage sofas, etc.

    As for keywords, oh its a pain haha. I try things like vintage, retro, 1950s, 1950's, 1960s, 1960's, mid century, midcentury, and other things I can think of at the time. As dumb as it is, typing "1950s" vs. "1950" actually makes a big difference since different people describe their items differently, and craigslist results are only of that particular wording. (I so wish there was a "search by year" feature haha!

    More than anything, just persistence.. I used to check everyday, now not so much but I still check now and then. A lot of times there's nothing, but when you finally get that amazing find its sooo rewarding!!

    Your craigslist sounds expensive, but that sounds like a fun place to live!

  6. That is an awesome chair. I once saw a solid mahogany chair at a garage sale in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island (from the Empress hotel when they found the "lost wing" that had been drywalled over for 50 years and refound in the 90's )--for $20 all carved high back velvet seat and back, COULD NOT fit it in the car or on top had to leave it. Had three kids in the back wouldnt fit no how.