Monday, February 22, 2010

Yippeeee!!! The deal went through!!!

Woohoo!!! We came to a deal, and I just sent the deposit! I'm picking her up this weekend! I still can't believe I'm going to own such an amazing vintage car...

And what car is that you ask? Why that is an all original, seafoam green/white, 1958 Rambler!
After selling my other cars, in looking for a new one, I decided that I wouldn't get anything unless I absolutely LOVED it. And that had to do both with design and color. In the past, I've fallen in love with design and not realized how important an affect color can have! I mean it can have all fins and chrome in the world, but the same car in pink vs. white is a HUGE difference.

I'd been looking for months and months, and then a couple weeks ago I saw this:

For me, this color tops all other vintage car colors... And notice her unique reverse C-pillar! Her current daddy is a rockabilly singer and lover of all things vintage, a great guy that I'm happy I met regardless of the car! His entire house is full of great 50's furniture and style, and he has several other awesome old cars as well, including a 1959 Edsel Wagon!

Here he is with his daughter. Love her pose :). This picture was used when creating the art for the record label's CD of his, which by the way is awesome! It's done in "lo-fi", using vintage recording equipment!

Here are some more pictures of the car.. She's all original with about 50,000 miles. The paint has a great patina to it, and the interior is near mint! Everything works, including the original radio! It even has the unused original spare tire in the back... She's not perfect, and will need some rust repair, but just look at that face...

I still can't get over the color...

And any respectable car needs a good set of fins!

The detailing inside is phenomenal...and the 2-tone with that color...UGH.

Oooh the dash! Notice the awesome push-button transmission on the far left...

The interior!! Quite possibly the best vintage car interior I've seen.. If you look closely, you can see the glittery silver piping lining everything!

I can't stop looking at these pictures... Those BUTTONS are killer!

Oh and fun fact: the Rambler is unique in that the front seats fold down flat with the back, making a bed! As such, it was also one of the first cars to be banned at drive-in's! Ha!

So.... do you all approve???


  1. OH MY GOD! YES, YES, YES!!!!!! Sooooooo jealous, (Turquoise/sea foam is my signature color haha) You HAVE to have this ready for the Party this summer! It would be so cool if you pulled up to the Flamingo in that!

  2. Are you serious? That is amazing..really, look at that steering wheel!!!!

    She reminds me a little of Flo from the movie CARS..

  3. Well, you just made my day! My GRANDPARENTS had a Rambler just like that only it was white and not at all as cool.

    I can not believe you found such a treasure.

    It's nice to meet you, btw. Love your blog.


  4. A friend of mine back in the day HATED her parents' Rambler and refused to ride in it unless forced. I couldn't understand what she was so upset about--I thought it was just too cute. What I HATED was our Chevy station wagon with fins. You truly have an incredible vehicle!

  5. Haha thanks everyone!!! I'm still in shock... I can't wait to get her home and clean her up and let her know she's loved!

    Mick- what party? If it's in Texas, I'm a waaays away but it's actually still do-able since I'm travelling Rt.66 this summer!

    Entrepreneur Chick- that's awesome! Not many people have Ramblers either, or even know what they are nowadays- so cool to have a connection like that! By the way, love your blog and really believe in entrepreneurship...I'm studying for architecture now, but a big part of me really wants to just go out there and start up a little vintage business or B&B...

    Vintage Christine- Haha that's great! Yea, at the time these were definitely small cars! Maybe not quite VW Bug small, but still a big difference from the 20 ft Caddy's of the day!

    And atomic ranch house of course I'll take you or anyone else for a ride! :)

  6. Jealousy is the only proper emotion right now! That is one amazing car. In fact, "car" just doesn't feel like the right word for it. And your van is giving me a fevah!

  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    whoooo you did it!!!
    cannot wait to go for ice cream!
    yayyy!!!! oo the church..summers..picnics..
    brimfield.. little diners..big flea markets!
    you did it- good for you!
    you are the King of find it--they haven't seen nothing yet :)

  8. Wow, love that car and your blog is terrific!! Thanks for stopping by~

  9. Nick Email me at and I'll tell you all about it. It's top secret right now, and i'll be putting the details on my blog mid march. But email me and we'll see what we cant work out!

  10. Just found your blog and OMG that car is absolutely amazing!

  11. Thanks for the compliments on the car and blog everyone! Just getting started on both... I'll have to post a video or 2 of the car once I get it here... and be sure to check back now and then- I have a ton of other vintage stuff to post about (haha I'm trying to ration myself to a post a day!)

  12. So have you got her home now??? How is she running?