Thursday, February 25, 2010

Like a Vintage Dream Come True...

It started simply enough. I found a vintage portable TV on craigslist for $10 last summer, and decided it would be a fun addition to the vintage family. It all went fine, I drove over and picked up the TV, thanked the guy, and drove back home. The guy mentioned he had a lot of other vintage stuff, and of course I said I was interested, but then contact stopped after a few emails for whatever reason.

3 or so months later (sometime Fall 09'), I get an email asking if I was still interested in some of the other stuff, so of course I said yes! I drove over that weekend, and WOW. I walked in the door, and I was in shock. Vintage goodies of all sorts piled everywhere, and if they were as cheap as that TV, I was in heaven.

I had come with $50, and let me show you what I got!

Think that's good? Can I repeat, all that for $50?!? Notice the 2 coin operated radios and atomic lawn sprinkler! Never seen those before! Things that needed work were either free or very cheap. The aqua/white TV was free, and the endtable/radio (one of a pair!) was $8 for both. I got all the table radios for $10 I believe. There's even some other stuff I don't have pictures of!

Here's some stuff I just didn't have the money to get at the time. This reminds me, I need to email him back! I'm dying to get my hands on that mint green mixer and bakelite TV! And there's just sooo much more...


  1. OH MY GOD YOUR TEXT MESSAGE WAS AN UNDERSTATMENT! S.O.B you got a steal of deals!!! That First Tv = to Da, da, da DIE FOR! And the mixer you want? The glass bowl thingy on top is what I found today! I knew when I saw "Harispray" MD would be a treasure trove! And that little port hole tv if he sells that I'll pay you to drag that sucker to Texas! haha

  2. What?! No way, Jose. I love the lamps best. I would have probably paid $50 EACH for them. Great score!

  3. ah ma gad that mixer!
    i want it!
    and i know you get this stuff super cheap
    it kills me..and in NY can I just say:
    OUR CRAIGSLIST you know i got a few good things.heehe...but YOU..i don't think you fully understand the grab-bagarolla you live in!
    and there is way more than you have..i know..little buneh..i know...crazy bitch!

  4. oh that bakelite tv is worth alottttt

  5. You did NOT! Get outta town. That's incredible.
    Man, I'm taking you shopping with me, I swear.

  6. Wow! Awesome deal. I really like those lamps and the gold chair.