Friday, February 19, 2010

My Beloved Toofil Lamps...

Out of all my stuff, this is up there is one of the all time favorites for me. I found it one evening on craigslist with a terrible picture asking $20... I couldn't really see it too well, but I could tell it had a fiberglass shade so I emailed quickly and drove over the next day.

When I got there my mouth dropped. I wasn't sure where to look first. The mint triple tier fiberglass shade with starbursts, the bizarre and yet amazing flower alien pod creature base, the fact that it had two bulbs, or the incredibly atomic (what my friend calls) "toofils" on the top and bottom! In all my days, I had never come across anything so bizarre, so 50's, so kitschy, and SO wonderful. I paid $15 and tried to get both in my car as quick as possible!

I mean LOOK at that! And is it just me or does that lower toofil area seem strangely sexual? My mind's probably just in the gutter...

Only one thing could better about it...

The fact that there are TWO of them!


  1. Hi Nick!...OOOOOoooo those lamps! I bet they're Continental Art Co. Lamps! Have you checked on the bottom base for a makers mark?? Do that!


  2. you and I are going to be FANTASTIC Blogger Pal's I can tell! Be sure to enter my Giveaway on "The Hunter Sings Tonight" post :)

  3. Mary- I'm at a different house right now, but I'll do that! Thanks! Oh, and I was actually looking at some of your living room pictures, and you have a nearly identical one!
    Mick- I don't doubt it! You've done what my dream has constantly a small house, fix it up, and vintage it up! And I definitely don't see many other people my age interested in this stuff...congrats on having awesome taste!

  4. those lamps are amazing...i used to say the best things you had..but you keep topping yourself :)