Saturday, February 20, 2010

One of those days...

It happens every now and then. You know, you're going through a phase of finding lots of vintage goodies and yummies when BAM. Your luck runs out. Today was one of those days.

Exhibit A: An Adrian Pearsall coffee table!! Get ready.... For $50! Or best offer. I email right away, willing to pay the asking price knowing how valuable it is, but I'm beat to the punch by another buyer. In the first 20 minutes since it was listed! "Sorry, it's sold". Some of the most painful words to the ears of a vintage enthusiast.

Exhibit B: This may not seem like much due to a crappy craigslist picture, but it's a 1950's mint 8 ft. red formica countertop, complete with sink! For FREE. Not only is this awesome, but I actually needed it for my vintage kitchen cabinet set! I call the guy, and he says sure come around 2 or 3. YES victory! Or so I thought. I call back, and he says, actually I have some stuff to do. Come around the same time tomorrow. That was today. I call, and apparently he let someone else pick it up last night...AFTER he had told me not to come and that I could pick it up tomorrow! So frustrating...

Does anyone reading have any similar "what-could-have-been" stories?

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