Friday, February 19, 2010

My Cars

For the record, I love vintage cars! With that being said though, I'm definitely not your typical "57' Chevy Bel Air" kinda guy, and much prefer the stuff on the brinks of design... I love the classics, but you just see them soo much...and there's so much MORE out there to discover!

Anyways, let's go through a couple of my past vintage automotive family members...

My first vintage car, a 1961 Volkswagen Beetle :). She was an older restoration that had been immaculately kept up.. I got her for a great price, and she never let me down! A fantastic little car...and that color was gorgeous... I kept her for 2 years, but decided I wanted to experience something new and a little more original if possible.

I do miss her... License plate "I12BUGU" = "I want to bug you" :)

Around the same time I bought the Bug, after a lot of searching I found one of my dream cars, a 1956 BMW Isetta! Not only was it an incredibly rare and amazing bubblecar (popular in post WWII Europe) this specific one was an even rarer earlier "bubblewindow" model, with impossible-to-find "Z" trim. The first time I saw it my mouth just dropped.
It was a bit of a rocky road with the restoration, but finally after 4 years of craziness she's basically finished (well running and driving) and means the world to me.. Here are a few pictures of the little girl..

Big bugeye headlights :)

Love that Z trim...

So appliance like...I love it! The steering wheel swivels out with the door, and you just hop in!

As you can imagine, parking is a breeze. Also note the vintage Fiat 500 "Kitty Cat Cab", that belongs to my amazing friend and fellow-vintage-lover Wendy Costa!

Now for the next one, all you late 50's/early 60's fan might want to get ready...

I got this after I sold the Bug! An all original 1961 Imperial Crown, with only 65,000 miles! Has power everything, and lots of options including town-and-country horn and factory A/C!

A bit bigger than the Isetta... just about 19 ft long!

My favorite can you not love those fins? Note the unique suspended taillights and floating headlights!

The interior is phenomenal... Notice the push button transmission on left and horizontal "thermometer" speedometer, behind a squarish steering wheel. Space age styling at its best!

The original leather seats are in excellent condition too!

You all might hate this next part, but I'm afraid we just sold her... Expenses are tight, and I just can't afford to keep them all up!

My other current car is a bit different, but great all the same.

A 1972 VW Bus a la zebra! She's been a ton of fun, but I'm afraid she's being sold too. I'll certainly miss them both...

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