Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not a bad vintage day after all!

I was a little bummed out after losing the coffee table and counter to other craigslisters, but the vintage gods were looking out for me after all! I scored this groovilicious Craft Associates chair for $40! It's actually quite big, and fuzzy! The camera distorted the contrast in the fuzz a little, but isn't it great?!

The most bizarre part was when I got there, it turns out the girl's boyfriend used to be my piano teacher 5 years ago! I didn't even recognize him...One of those small-vintage-world moments...

In person, the chair is "in-your-face ORANGE", and just screams groovy goodness. The condition is good, but it does have some small wear spots on the arm. Still, just look at her groovy self!

Even Miss Kitty approves! And she has very discerning taste...

They even threw in this vintage chair for free. The cushion needs to be recovered, but it has potential...

More importantly, I sold my VW Bus! And I'm in the process of hopefully getting a new car. I won't reveal much as nothing's set in stone yet, but wish me luck! Here's a preview...

Can anyone figure out what it is?


  1. I have NO IDEA what it is, but its turquoise and looks to have a lot of classy chrome, im sold!

    I have seen the Mate to your chair at this flea market COUNTLESS times, I came very close to buying it before the whole "40's 50's" journey at the C.H.&R.

  2. Very cool stuff!

    P.S. I see you go to The U of MD... My Dad graduated from the University of MD. =)

  3. i know what it is!!!

    your best vintage find EVA! ha!

    cannot WAIT to see this in the flesh..
    so to speak... :)

  4. Oh wow! I have such a hard time passing up this kinda stuff! It's awesome. I just need a bigger house to have an era in each room. But (see my blog Sunday, 2/21)I mix things, too. That chair reminds me of Chairy on "Pee Wee's Playhouse". Zootsuitmama